Shopofu’s Promise: Matching You with Brands that Suit Your Style


Shopofu is announced to come in 2017. They started to follow and retweet me on social, which is nice. Their promise is to deliver hand selected fashion offers that match your style and deliver this to your mobile device for shopping. I tell you friends, I signed up to see how this will evolve.

Understanding my style definitly requires to learn about me and my behavior. Which styles and brands do I like? What pics and vidoes to I share? What are my click streams? What words do I search for?  Which orders do I return, which do I keep? This all will require collecting a lot data, and then connecting all the data the right way. This starts with information about me, my address, my houeshold, my social media, and then connecting this with information about fashion brands, products and looks. Will they be able to analyze my social pics to understand what I like?

Clearly the world of todays big data and master data solutions, provides the capabilities to solve all that.

I am not hesistant sharing my personal preferences and data with them, as long as they use is trustfully (data security is becoming more and more important) and they use it to deliver relevant offers too me.

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