Keeping up with Disruption: 3 Success Factors Selling to Millennials

Millennials are people born between 1980-2000 and seen as target group who is open to spend money on the good things in life, following new behaviors but with higher expectations in customer experience.

Has your shopping behavior changed in the last year? I like to share two of my recent examples which showed me that experience is changing and why establishes brands have to stay agile to not lose their customers. I have observed three success factors for success in sales with millennials.

#1 Fast & furious instagram marketing

A video paints a 1000 words. The old term needs to be rewritten. A simple video focused on style and the value has made me take a deeper look recently and buy new things. It can be that simple.

#2 New focused & innovative brands

My last two online orders are from brands I did not know before. Both reached me with Instagram advertising. L‘Estrange London promised a chino „I never want to take off“. 125 GBP is a fairly high price for an unknown brand and quality – but I can confirm I truly like wearing it. I even added a second one and now have navy and khaki. Both go well will white sneakers by the way.

The other one are running / sports shorts for only 17€ from Tee Shop, which is able to carry my iPhone in a smart way. The style reminds me of Nike, but I did not find a comparable product at Nike, which is my default and preferred sportswear. So far….

My learning is, switching from one brand to the other is an easy thing for me but a major risk for every brand.

#3 Be Aggressive

While sitting on an airplane I received the request accepting photos and videos of “Fabians iPhone 12“. Because of curiosity I accepted one and received a price list of Champaign from a bar in Mykonos.

Either the person was drunk or this is a new level of aggressive direct marketing with unknown target group, but focused on a group who is traveling to a concrete location. Is this smart or not acceptable? What is your view?

What can we learn from this?

Don’t sleep!

Try new things.

Do things differently.

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