Marketing, wake up! The bad, the ok and the good

I work in marketing and communications since my first working day. Now we have 2017 and people talk about big data and digital transformation all over the place. My friends tell me that “digital” is a key theme in the companies they work for.

Well I talked on this on social media before. Mostly from the view of my own shopping experience.

Marketers, when do you wake up?

When will you be able to send me just pure emails, which come with relevant offers? My size, my brand, my average spend, my next logical purchase…. imagine the potential.

What so many companies do in 2017 is soooo 90ies.

The bad

Peek & Cloppenburg is a German retail chain, where I have a loyalty card, which I connected to my miles and more account from Lufthansa 😜.

They continue sending me promotions for ladies. Why?

The okay

Being in NYC I frequently stop by Century 21. As they have limited visibility to my history (although spending enough) they send me mixed promotions of male and female fashion. That’s ok. And there is potential. Imagine they would know from my FB oder Twitter posts or other things that I will be in NYC in 4 weeks.

The good 

I thought it is time give an applause to Nike, one of my most loved brands. A key factor is style, no doubt. But when it comes to customer experience they do a lot right! I shop online at, I go to outlet centers in Germany and more often in the US, even to the flagship stores like in SFO.

After my morning run last weekend they send me an email about running equipment. They known because I use the NRC Nike Running Club app.

Very timely, very relevant. I really made it to the store the same day to try on the new AirForce Ultra. They are soooo ultra light.

Finally this led to revenue for Nike and they are able to identify me fast with my customer ID which is my email address. I checked with the store staff and he showed me my profile on this mobile devise!

These are my new red babies:

Sorry Kate Spade – Not What I Wanted 

Probably  80% or  more of my fashion deals are done online, mostly from mobile. So did I and ordered the left iphone case, but got the right one shipped to my home.

Knowing that my wife wanted a transparent one for her rose gold phone. The black is nice too but just wrong. I wonder if this is an issue of incorrect product information on their web shop of a manual mistake when shipping it. Or can even more digital information help along this logistics to avoid such mistakes?

And there is a second factor. The description and technical details  did not point out clearly that is better fits for iPhone 6 than 7.

What is your experience? What cool or bad digital stories do you have?


Updated on Jan 18, 2017:

After my blog and twitter message Kate Spade reached out to me via email. Their customer service team was seriously looking after my experience. They now even refunded the purchase and let me keep the wrong (but still stylish) product.

Well done, great service! I tell me friends about it. What I found super funny, was their headline almost matched with my blog title 😜

Great service by Kate Spade. What’s next? They have to look into detailed product information, and have collected information about my customer profile and social behavior. Obviously I am not wearing Kate Spade skirts or high heels 👠, but I am interested in gifts for my wife. Can they tailor their marketing to this? Will they try to make me come and see what Jack Spade has for me? 

Shearling Like Stallone

You don’t have to be a fan of Rocky or Mr. Stallone. The snowy winter days here reminded me of Rocky 4, when he was preparing for the fight vs Drago in the Russian winter landscape, wearing this shearling leather jacket instead of a sports dress.

The shearling jacket has its comeback this winter season. The original from the movie was from USWINGS. ($1,000+). But you may also go for a more modern cheaper version from Drykorn or Scotch & Soda. See my pic.


Updated January 18, 2017:

Friends this really thrilled me. During our kickoff in Las Vegas, my colleague Michael (he is a really cool guy), came to to me with great compliments. I “inspired” (this was the word he used) him to buy such a jacket from Scotch and Soda after reading my blog. Wow! And here comes the pic:

Friends, I have one more thing: 

The same day, my colleague Mathilde came to me, saying based on my blog and recommendations about Suit Supply, she got some things for her husband, and he really liked them! 

Somehow proud 😀

Influencer Marketing. Free Hotel Upgrade?

We booked a four day sun break during cold German winter. Just arrived at checkin the hotel offered us a free upgrade to a suite.

Believe it our not, we decided to keep our room as it was new, stylish with a large terrace, while the suite was large but old and has no balcony.

My wife and I discussed why the offered us this upgrade. What reasons do you know? Please leave a comment?