LinkedIn should forbid contact requests without any context

How many contact request do you get every day?

In my view the rise of digital has not changed some key rules of direct marketing, which I learned many years back when we drove new client acquisition of new SMB accounts by well thought post mailers at Haufe Lexware. As a young marketer I learned great things from great colleagues like Andi, Andy, Dieter, Thorsten and many more.

1. Why is this person contacting me?

2. What is the value for me?

In the old days there had been more questions to be answered, like:

3. Who is contacting me? (Of course this is visible fast in today’s world)

4. From where do they have my address? (Today: do they have my double opt-in permission :-))

There have been more, but the top two still apply today on LinkedIn. I receive daily one or multiple contact requests without any context.

I would appreciate marketing messages, if they are relevant and if they explain in a simple way how I can profit from it.

What do people expect, who never have met me and who even don’t text me a word why they want to get in touch with me? I think Linkedin should not allow empty contact requests. What is your view?

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