Socks That Color Up Your Life 

A lot of people ask me about my socks. I do not leave house without colored socks. Here comes my new catch, which I found via Facebook: Jimmy Lion. I am sure this sponsored post was targeted on my social behavior. I follow and like several fashion brands and post content too. A proof point that digital targeting works. While some people in my home country (guess which) are very concerned about it, I appreciate this as the promotion was relevant to me. 👍👞

+++ added January 4, 2017 +++

I had to update this blog with a new chapter of the story. Please check our my video:

Thank you very much @Steffi, for the nice socks.

As she was able to understand my style and pereferences from behavior on Facebook, what potential does this have for any company selling and services and products? Only tricky thing is they have to collect a lot information, get customer permission and finally tranform this in actionable campaigns to win new clients or realize up sell potential.

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