Complete my look .. could be an easy deal

As a loyal client my favorite business and suit brand could make much more money with me.

I blogged about them and talked very positive on social media about some experiences in context of Conversational Commerce.

But lately the level of customer service has dropped. Last week I took pants to their store to get some advise and recommendations which of my many jackets and suit Sakkos I can combine it with.

In order to help me the store staff printed our my previous orders. The print out did not even have an image. It was name, color and price.

In the WhatsApp chat with the brand I was recently told they don’t know my latest orders and sizes.

These two happenings made me ask why they are no longer able to answer my questions and serve me with the quality I was used to?

What could be the reasons for it?

1. Did their solutions / tools change?

2. Did this lead to not having a combined view of my profile, orders and wishes?

3. Was the staff not trained right?

Finally I still hope the brand sees the potential of me as their brand ambassador. I made many friends and colleagues buy from them because of my influence, which makes me proud. Clearly on more opportunity for brands to leverage the power of influence.

Added on July 23:

Their box service contacted me after my blog and send a long text to re-assure their focus on omnichannel experience. They even sent my a gift card! Thank you. I will come and spend it 😉