My Xmas Style Wishlist

I thought I leave the best for last and try to help inspire some people, looking for Xmas gifts for their husbands, boyfriends, dads or any men.

With those brands new are never wrong. Where to find it?

Zwiesel 1872 – Hommage Comète tumbler or go for the Bond whiskey tumbler:

Canada Goose gloves ARTIC DOWN

New Lucky Luke issue: (German titles): ein Cowboy in Paris, das gelobte Land, meine Onkel die Daltons, Menü blaue Bohnen, Auf eigene Faust

Signet ring:

Dark turtle neck from Suitsupply



Hunter Boots Balmoral

Dad Sneakers

My 4 Takeaways from Riversand Connections Europe 18

Almost 100 customers, partners and influencers participated in Riversand Connections 18, our first Europe-wide community event.

Among hundreds of events I attended or helped creat in almost 20 years in the data driven market, this was the most important to me. Why? Here are my top 4 learnings:

Digital transformation drives new higher values

Measuring KPIs and business outcomes will always be important. But I learned two new aspects of the higher impact of Riversand: 

In context if a MDM project kickoff a person mentioned that she had a health situation which needs certain medication and it’s not released in market due to the time it takes to get the product released to distributors and consumers . If they reduce the time to market they can impact people’s life and evens save some. She personally had a very emotional goal tied to this project success. I heard about wet eyes in the room when she mentioned this. 

Another one: Carrefour is selling a milk where the price is defined by the consumer. By consumers who want to pay a fair price to ensure that farmers get a fair share of the value for their work. The brand C’est qui le patron makes this product selling at 0,99€ while usual market price would be 0,65€, but consumers see new sustainable value in it.

Great customer base who is keen to learn from each other 

Aside from a record Q3, Riversand has a great customer base across European counties and industries. This week we learned from Johan Ekegren (Orkla, Norway) that almost half of their revenue depends on the Riversand platform and it is growing.

Lars Beeckmann Head of International Marketing at tesa (Germany) explained that they put people first and human centered design to understand and optimize processes of product introduction. Sébastien Royon from Saint Gobain (France) shared his best practices of how to manage huge complexity in building materials and global MDM rollouts, based on quick measurable wins.

Many people came to me with nice feedback on the Riversand Community, such as:

Jasmin Quellmann, International PIM Manager at Beiersdorf said „I am really enjoying the deep learning from peers and their best practices.“

Phil Carelin from Kingfisher stated “It was a very well run, informative and engaging session.” 

Riversand has great partners across Europe

Within one year we have onboarded more implementation partners across all key regions in Europe. I was happy to see dedicated MDM experts from companies such as Avensia, Advellence, Comma Group, TCS, Infosys, PwC, Infosys, Parsionate and Yellowground to attend, along with complementary solutions such as Productsup, Inbetween, Loadbee and Priint Group. Watch out for new announcements to come shortly.

Disruption in the digital business era requires new tech

A common theme which was discussed was that if you want to win in the world of tomorrow, and you focus on disruptive business models, this also requires a new approach in data management. New ways of user experience, data processing and data storage are the new normal. Also cloud is not longer just an option, it is the new standard.


Values are probably the most important human factors which bring and tie us together. Being part of such a community where respect, appreciation, commitment and passion are essential, just feels fantastic.

Testing Chat Commerce: Levi’s vs. Instyle vs. Zalando

I am always on the hunt for new styles. Following people and brands on Instagram or reading fashion magazines to define my pick list for the new season.

I took a picture of Levis jeans with from GQ Magazine and from Instyle Men Magazine.

As I was not able to find the products by simple web shop search or google search, I started to reach out to brands on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This is my latest fashion experience, which finally led to a comparison of brand vs. magazin vs. retailer. Obviously it is not a representative research but a snap shot of reality.

1. Levi’s:

Twitter: no response

Facebook: no response

2. Instyle Men Magazine

Twitter: no response

Instagram: no response – only from other users with same challenges

Facebook: … finally gave me the correct link to their web shop, but as the image was from an advertisement and not from editorial content the product was not listed. Would I pay for print adds to promote my product and have no chance to convert this into revenue? IMHO a missed chance of the magazin to create a happy commercial client and a missed chance for the brand for more revenue.

3. Zalando:

Twitter: I did not try it.

Facebook: The Zalando Bot was recommended to me by Facebook Messenger, so I gave it a try. The result was I just spend money. Well done Zalando. 👍

Fall & Winter Is Coming: 3 Jackets From My Shopping List

By September 1st, almost as hard stop happened to cut our wonderful summer to an end. Time to think about jackets for rain in fall and for winter. This short blog brings three recommendations from my shopping list:

Joint venture

Couture brand Ami Paris and K-Way teamed up to create a joint small collection. This requires to register in order to get access. Click here.

Raincoat: Le Vrai

Again from K-WAY. The return of the raincoat is there. If yellow is not your color, go for one of many they offer here.

Emory Parka in Military

Canada Goose is not new, but definitely consider a military green version of this Emory parka.

Why I purchased from Amazon & not from Adidas or Real Madrid

As a Bayern Munich supporter I still value and respect great achievements and style from other players and clubs. This the reason for owning a Ronaldo jersey, one of the greatest of all. This week at a press conference Sergio Ramos, has a red/ coral style shirt which I really liked.

Adidas is the equipment partner of Real Madrid as you know. After not finding it on the web shop of Real or Adidas, I started social outreach.

Sadly both brands (Adidas & Real Madrid) did not react on my question on Twitter.

So I did the obvious. As I have my account and payment details setup I found a similar one on Amazon. Really like the deign, but I was even willing to pay more for a Madrid jersey. A missed revenue potential, by not listening to social voice. One may argue if single client requests are worth it. Come on! In times of AI/ ML and chat bots…

Btw: “Thank you for traveling Deutsche Bahn” is often used with sarcasm here in Germany. But their response time is pretty fast.

2 Alternatives for the all-white Sneaker Trend

I can confirm that I am also a fashion victim of the white show and sneaker trend. The issue it to keep them real white.

Alternative 1: Dirty white used look

I picked these Diadora at local retail’s summer sale.

Alternative 2: Get colors

Stadium Goods is a web shop for shoes not everybody wears if you wan to stand out. Between 50€ and 10.000€ 🙂

Check out some of my new finds:

Complete my look .. could be an easy deal

As a loyal client my favorite business and suit brand could make much more money with me.

I blogged about them and talked very positive on social media about some experiences in context of Conversational Commerce.

But lately the level of customer service has dropped. Last week I took pants to their store to get some advise and recommendations which of my many jackets and suit Sakkos I can combine it with.

In order to help me the store staff printed our my previous orders. The print out did not even have an image. It was name, color and price.

In the WhatsApp chat with the brand I was recently told they don’t know my latest orders and sizes.

These two happenings made me ask why they are no longer able to answer my questions and serve me with the quality I was used to?

What could be the reasons for it?

1. Did their solutions / tools change?

2. Did this lead to not having a combined view of my profile, orders and wishes?

3. Was the staff not trained right?

Finally I still hope the brand sees the potential of me as their brand ambassador. I made many friends and colleagues buy from them because of my influence, which makes me proud. Clearly on more opportunity for brands to leverage the power of influence.

Added on July 23:

Their box service contacted me after my blog and send a long text to re-assure their focus on omnichannel experience. They even sent my a gift card! Thank you. I will come and spend it 😉