Shearling Like Stallone

You don’t have to be a fan of Rocky or Mr. Stallone. The snowy winter days here reminded me of Rocky 4, when he was preparing for the fight vs Drago in the Russian winter landscape, wearing this shearling leather jacket instead of a sports dress.

The shearling jacket has its comeback this winter season. The original from the movie was from USWINGS. ($1,000+). But you may also go for a more modern cheaper version from Drykorn or Scotch & Soda. See my pic.


Updated January 18, 2017:

Friends this really thrilled me. During our kickoff in Las Vegas, my colleague Michael (he is a really cool guy), came to to me with great compliments. I “inspired” (this was the word he used) him to buy such a jacket from Scotch and Soda after reading my blog. Wow! And here comes the pic:

Friends, I have one more thing: 

The same day, my colleague Mathilde came to me, saying based on my blog and recommendations about Suit Supply, she got some things for her husband, and he really liked them! 

Somehow proud 😀

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