Marketing, wake up! The bad, the ok and the good

I work in marketing and communications since my first working day. Now we have 2017 and people talk about big data and digital transformation all over the place. My friends tell me that “digital” is a key theme in the companies they work for.

Well I talked on this on social media before. Mostly from the view of my own shopping experience.

Marketers, when do you wake up?

When will you be able to send me just pure emails, which come with relevant offers? My size, my brand, my average spend, my next logical purchase…. imagine the potential.

What so many companies do in 2017 is soooo 90ies.

The bad

Peek & Cloppenburg is a German retail chain, where I have a loyalty card, which I connected to my miles and more account from Lufthansa šŸ˜œ.

They continue sending me promotions for ladies. Why?

The okay

Being in NYC I frequently stop by Century 21. As they have limited visibility to my history (although spending enough) they send me mixed promotions of male and female fashion. That’s ok. And there is potential. Imagine they would know from my FB oder Twitter posts or other things that I will be in NYC in 4 weeks.

The goodĀ 

I thought it is time give an applause to Nike, one of my most loved brands. A key factor is style, no doubt. But when it comes to customer experience they do a lot right! I shop online at, I go to outlet centers in Germany and more often in the US, even to the flagship stores like in SFO.

After my morning run last weekend they send me an email about running equipment. They known because I use the NRC Nike Running Club app.

Very timely, very relevant. I really made it to the store the same day to try on the new AirForce Ultra. They are soooo ultra light.

Finally this led to revenue for Nike and they are able to identify me fast with my customer ID which is my email address. I checked with the store staff and he showed me my profile on this mobile devise!

These are my new red babies:

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