6 Facts to Know When Creating Connected Customer Experience

Attending the Omnichannel Customer Experience Summit in Amsterdam was fantastic. I thought I share my lessons with you digital disrupters out there. Simple and short, easy to consume.

1. “Generation mute” likes chat commerce

By 2020, 70% of customer interaction will involve emerging technology to like messaging, chat bots and more. Live chat is dead said Christoph from Sparkcentral. The new gen is not willing to talk on phone calls, they just prefer messaging and voice messages.

2. Extrem complexity in the customer journey

We are #GenCX! This statement stands for generation customer experience, regardless of the age, said another speaker. Meaning customer experience matters the most.

3. Social media attention is ultra fast

4. Change management needs CxO support

… pointed out by Ioana from Mont Blanc. True this is not new, but always worth saying it again and again.

5. Connect the dots of data

Enabling omnichannel customer experience requires to connect the dots said chairman Fabian, which was music to my ears.

6. Your platform has to be able to grow with your need

A picture paints a thousand words. This can be my conclusion of the day. Find out more about how a platform can grow to any data need and download the white paper.

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