Why I purchased from Amazon & not from Adidas or Real Madrid

As a Bayern Munich supporter I still value and respect great achievements and style from other players and clubs. This the reason for owning a Ronaldo jersey, one of the greatest of all. This week at a press conference Sergio Ramos, has a red/ coral style shirt which I really liked.

Adidas is the equipment partner of Real Madrid as you know. After not finding it on the web shop of Real or Adidas, I started social outreach.

Sadly both brands (Adidas & Real Madrid) did not react on my question on Twitter.

So I did the obvious. As I have my account and payment details setup I found a similar one on Amazon. Really like the deign, but I was even willing to pay more for a Madrid jersey. A missed revenue potential, by not listening to social voice. One may argue if single client requests are worth it. Come on! In times of AI/ ML and chat bots…

Btw: “Thank you for traveling Deutsche Bahn” is often used with sarcasm here in Germany. But their response time is pretty fast.

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