The New Customer Engagement: Social, Individual, Fast

I know, it is not usual to promote a certain brand on a blog like this. But I have to share this customer experience with Suitsupply. It is my favorite brand for suits, shoes and accessories, I wear for business or events like weddings.

First of all it started off with an issue. I was trying to order shoes in 44.5 (EU size). The web shop showed that this size was not available right now, but I can create an alert, when it is available. I decided to do this. I guess you are not surprised that I was doing this with my smartphone. Sadly it turned out that this function was not working properly, it was only allowing me to select the alert for EU size 39. So I decided to tweet about it.


With that, my customer experience journey started. They immediately send me a  direct Twitter message. They have been able to identify me and my customer profile, from knowing my twitter name @benrund and immediately matching it to my full profile and email address below.


But this was not it. They have proven to be fast and agile and made it easy for me to spend my money. A direct link led me to the shopping cart, where I just had to do the transaction. Done. A few minutes later the next twitter message was in.


Yes, these  shopping the style service are not new. But I tended not to use them because I have fun on creating my own style and outfit. Selling an outfit requires to build a bundle of products like, shoes + belt + pants + shirt. Brands and retailers are doing this with PIM apps for merchandisers and marketers. They can easily group products together into a bundle, which is promoted in a certain campaign. Sounds obvious but, reality still shows a lot companies have not solved this challenge.

This time I decided to test it, as they showed real service and focus on me as a client. I signed up for the Box Office. But did have to work, so I did not continue filling out my preferences. Just after few hours, later at night, it was 11 pm I was contacted via WhatsApp. This means they know my cell phone number, and I gave them permission to use it.


Via WhatsApp, which was very easy for me, I sent over my preferences in an unstructured way. For the result, I did not have to wait long, a mid size box, but with tons of things in it, was shipped. See my pics.


I am definitely keeping some items, not all. But all the selected sizes are perfect, they fit! And you have to know I am somewhat tall 😉 They really have shown what Customer 360 means.

PS: What happens if I ask them to show me my full customer profile? With the GDRP Individuals will have more information on how their data is processed and this information should be available in a clear and understandable way. Data protection authorities will be able to fine companies who do not comply with EU rules up to 4% of their global annual revenue. This is relevant to all companies who serve EU citizens.

PPS: While I was impressed by the simple experience of WhattsAppp, companies like Twilio and Smoope (even from my hometown Stuttgart), try to take messaging as a service to the next level for holistic, end-to-end omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

6 thoughts on “The New Customer Engagement: Social, Individual, Fast

  1. Hi Ben, do you know your personal stylist might be AI powered virtual agent knowing about you? This is one of area retailers use AI technology today.


    1. Hey DJ, in this case I think it is a person. You are right – AI takes on lots of these jobs. In this case I am not aware that Suitsupply has AI is baked into WhatsApp and the replies take some time. I started using Zalon from Zalando and wonder if their stylists are real persons? Who knows more about it?


  2. I am pretty sure that SuitSupply chat is not a bot. Or their bot has a programmed weekend break:-) will makes it feel human…


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