3 Use Cases for Image Recognition You Should Know in 2018

A few years back I published a video with my team to describe a vision how a data driven digital customer journey will look like. Especially the scene of taking an photo on the go when seeing a product or style I like and want find out the fastest way to order it.

I had my through back Thursday moment during a underground ride in London shortly, where I saw this rucksack below. Mind the shopping gap 😉

Use cases for image recognition in 2018 powered by MDM

There are multiple use cases for device-enabled image recognition, which go way beyond the omnichannel customer experience. My three examples look at image recognition in the context of master data management (MDM).

1. Augmented Return Management
Product returns are retails enemy number one. It was enough said and written on the impact of product information quality on returns. But making sure the return product is the right one and where it has to go can be supported by mobile driven image recognition to augment the barcode or EAN tracking. This will improvs process quality and reduce inefficiencies.

2. Augmented MRO (Maintenance Repair Operations)
This basically applies to a large variety of industries. Think of a building construction worker on site, missing an accessory or a maintenance worker on the railroad or the broadband cable provider. S/he needs to understand what is the matching item s/he has to order. Is it compatible with the thing s/he is looking at. Where is it available?

The potential of the internet of things (IoT) will level this up, but will require to access high volumes of information (often master data) in real-time.

3. Omnichannel Search
Tech startups like Fashwell, social platform Pinterest and retailers like Asos have announced new offers to solve it. Have you successfully used it as a consumer? My trials as a consumer so far did not lead to the expected outcome as a consumer. Please let me know your experience. A key question to solve is the visual identification of the “thing” but then to map it to correct record of master data and offer the correct product, alternatives and accessories. In my case I found out that the rucksack costs more than 2000 Euro. What if this is to much for my budget? What if the retailer or brand knows the typical range of spend I do? Many, many questions. But the time for answers has come.

What will 2018 bring?

What is your experience? What is your need in your business? What other use cases are you expecting to happen? Clearly there is more in the context of augmented reality, smart cities, smart driving and the challenge of teaching machines to see.

We are happy to take your questions from our team of Riversand MDM experts.

Stay tuned what 2018 will bring. Big pictures on the horizon.

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