Challenging Peek & Cloppenburg Omnichannel Experience 

If you are in charge of customer experience and revenue this is a relevant story for you, no matter if you work in retail or any other industry.

I walked into Peek & Cloppenburg in Stuttgart city just for browsing. As I found a highly discounted trench coat I asked, if I can get this shipped home because I was about to go out and did not want to carry a bag.

I was excited because the answer was yes. But the store assistant said it will take ten days. 10! 

Me: Ten days, really? 

In-Store assistant: yes, we send it to our central warehouse and from there to use. All paperworks and logistics take ten days.

Me: really? It is a 30 min drive to my house? The customer will not accept this in the near future.

In-Store assistant: I will inform the management about your feedback, but it would be better if you tell them.

Me: No prob, I will blog about it. 😜

The process of getting me registered was entering my address from scratch. I asked “do you want my email address or loyalty number?” “No we cannot do this here.”

I wonde if I get my loyalty rewards?

They told me to go down to the cashier and pay in store, so I did.

There came the next surprise: the staff down there told me the home delivery is not possible….

I decided to abandon this transaction. 

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