Is Householding is a must do for B2C Marketers?

Yesterday I found these four pieces in my mailbox and felt it is time to write about it. 

The wine retailer is sending the same brochure of Sommer wines to my wife and me. Was not necessary? Could they save print and shipping costs? Not a big issue for me, but more for the enterprise – imagine they do this for 10s or 100s of million of customers.

The fashion retailer as started with a nice idea, by tailoring the campaign image to the gender. Both images are part of the same campaign theme, while she got a woman and I got the men’s card. Nice start, but the I als myself:

Why does my wife get a 10€ voucher and I am not?

Why doe the backside of my post card show a female dress?

Depending on where you live, you may have a different opinion if print mailings and catalogs still are state of the art and can drive online transactions.

But finally householding can be the secret source to more marketing efficiency and intelligent cross selling. Connecting the dots across data like people, places and things is a prerequisite to understand that my wife and I live at the same address. Sounds obvious, right?

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