Four Affordable Black Watches

This blog is dedicated to my friend Dennis told he started looking for a black watch. So you inspired me to look into this. Black is back and is one of the color trends of watches this year.

For Magazines like QG it is part of their high fashion brand massage to list only watches from 7000€ and up. I doubt that the majority of readers can afford them.

I thought it is time to come up with some ideas below the 1000€ mark. Here are four examples.

Top left: Bulova, is one of my favorite watch brands. The Moonwatch is inspired by the Omega classic and I found it here for about 400€.

Top right: Michael Kors. I have not had this model in my hand, but it appeals clear and strong. I assume it should be available for about 200€.

Buttom left: Armani some diving flair for Saturday night for about 370€.

Buttom Right: A smartwatch from Montblanc for 890€.

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