#NYFW: Fashion Brands Get Dressed Up for Digital

Lufthansa the German airline is getting into the fashion game, with a special “FlyingLab” flight on February 8 between Frankfurt and New York. Sadly I am going to NYC for Informatica’s MDM 360 Summit on Digital Transformation two weeks later so I will miss this.

The flight is designed for the New York Fashion Week, which opens on February 9. In addition to two fashion shows at 30,000 feet—one, a preview of New York designer Rubin Singer’s women’s collection, the other a look at the evolution of Lufthansa’s flight uniforms over the past 60 years—guests onboard  can also reserve fashion technology devices to use at their seat, regardless of booking class. They have been using GLYPH.

If you guys ask what my company is doing? We help fashion brands (and many other industries) create better customer experience with understanding your customer preferences and providing great information where in stores or online.

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