Subscription Is For All Industries – Happy Holidays

Using this blog, costs me a small fee every month and it was easy to sign up for this. Software companies such as Informatica have moved to offer their data management solutions with pay as you go in the cloud or other subscription offerings. I signed up for Amazon Prime as it brings me access to their movies and fast delivery. What is  your story?

But what about retailers and brands of all industries? How can they move to recurring revenue with subscription offers? 

My first deal I made was the Glossy Box for my wife about two years back. It brings joy to my wife every month with you beauty products and it brings a yearly prepaid revenue to them. With most of these services, you can chose for different payment terms and contracts durations, which obviously have impact on the price.

Funny thing from the December box was the lip stick πŸ’„ from “MDM Flow”. True in this case, MDM does not stand for master data management, but I found this funny, as MDM is one of the solutions I care about in my job and MDM is used by large brands in all industries to understand the relationships across customers, products, contracts, locations and more to drive better customer experience and much more.

Friends, please keep the flow in 2017 and happy holidays to all of you! 🌲🍾🌈

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